Welcome to Late Nite Last Week!

Consistently ranked #1 in political satire by Apple Podcasts, LNLW is Mark’s year-long search for the longest laugh in late night and the explicit, authoritative, satirical story of what America sounded like last week. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart was largely Jon’s personal reaction to the absurdities of cable news. Jon cited cable news clips as the set-up. LNLW is Mark’s reaction to late night. But, as the set-up he cites punchlines. What are the hosts really saying? But, more seriously, what aren’t they saying? Is the audience laughing, groaning, booing, crying, or silent How does what they’re saying in the studio compare with what The People are saying on the street, in the corporate suites, the halls of Officialdom, and the annals of academia, journalism and Stormy Daniels? Regular segments include: Story Of The Week, Unknown Comic Of The Week, Guest Of The Week, Pun Of The Week, Fail Of The Week, and the soon-to-be-coveted SIS BOOM BAA Award for Joke of the Week! “The terrific Mark Whitney!” –Peter Marks, The Washington Post; “A vivid, never boring combination of legal scholarship, humor and moral insight.” Janice Cane, D.C. Theatre Scene; “As entertaining as he is infuriating.” –Heather Goss, DCist.com; ‘A keen student of the human experience, Mark Whitney occupies a unique place in the world.” ~Robert McKee, Storylogue

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