S2E50 • Best Of Late Night Comedy Jan 29-Feb 4 • @25:00 Bullshit Words: Why Won’t Late Night Say ‘Muslim Ban’? • @29:30 South Park “Backs Off” Trump • #MuslimBan • @17:00 Why Our “So-called” President Will Regret Neil Gorsuch • @43:00 Last Week In Sex • @50:00 Last Week In Entertainment • @67:00 Pun Of The Week • @70:00 Joke Of The Week • @69:00 Fail Of The Week • Seth Meyers • Jimmy Fallon • Conan O’Brien • Jimmy Kimmel • Stephen Colbert • James Corden • Trevor Noah • Samantha Bee • Michael Che • Colin Jost


  • 0:00 Opening Billboard

  • 2:30 Opening Monologue: Ricky Gervais, So-Called Judge, Road To Impeachment, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Neil Grouch, Nancy Pelosi, Frederick Douglass, Sean Spicer, Malcolm Turnbull, Keith Urban, Nicole Kidman, Regis Philbin, Job Stewart

  • 9:00 Introducing Jimmy Fallon, Trevor Noah, Jimmy Kimmel, Conan O’Brien, Seth Meyers, Stephen Colbert, Bill Maher

  • 13:20 Last Week In Politics: Kristen Stewart, Melania Trump, Finding Dory, Bill Burr, David Boies, @17:00 Neil Gorsuch, Muslim Ban, Tom Brady, Ricky Gervais, Neil Grouch, @25:00 Muslim Ban v. Travel Ban, @29:30 South Park, Matt Stone, Trey Parker, Hasan Minhaj, Hameed Darweesh, @37:00 Trump Appoints Grouch: Melissa McCarthy

  • 43:00 Last Week In Sex: Bill Burr On Steroids, Ken Jeong On Diagnosing Strippers, Orny Adams On Millennials

  • 50:00 Last Week In Entertainment: Kobe Buffalomeat, Orny Adams, Judd Apatow, Leslie Mann

  • 67:00 Pun Of The Week: Seth Meyers

  • 69:00 Fail Of The Week: Conan O’Brien

  • 70:00 Joke Of The Week

  • 71:00 Closing Comments: Essay Reading By Dan Rather

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