S1E40 • Best Of Late Night Comedy Oct 23-Oct 30 • Erection Day Preview: New Probe Reveals Hillary Emails Tied To Weiner • @46:30 Trumpy Old Men • @8:00 There’s Nothing We Don’t Know; NSA Can’t Secure It’s Own Data; Weiner Probe Reveals Emails Tied To Weiner; Clintons Don’t Pull Out; @23:00 John Oliver Resurrects Carlos Danger; @62:00 Bill Murray Mark Twain Prize; 2016 World Series; @14:00 The Road To Impeachment • @23:00 Drew Carey: TPIR “A Calling”; The Steve Martin Short Tour; Corden Takes Gaga For A Ride • @42:00 Last Week In Sex • @89:00 Pun Of The Week • @90:00 Fail Of The Week • @92:00 Joke Of The Week • @95:00 Last Word: Dave Chappelle; Sacha Baron Cohen • Jimmy Fallon • Seth Meyers • Stephen Colbert • James Corden • Jimmy Kimmel • Conan O’Brien


  • 0:00 • Opening Billboard
  • 2:30 • Joke Of The Week In Review
  • 4:00 • Bill Maher, Conan O’Brien, Trevor Noah, Stephen Colbert, James Corden, Jimmy Fallon, Samantha Bee, Jimmy Kimmel, and Seth Meyers!
  • 8:00 • Headlines and Mark’s Monologue: She’s A Witch; My Grampa Can Beat Up Your Grampa; Steve Martin Short Tour; NY Times CEO Mark Thompson; Bill Murray In Character As Daffy Duck; Why National Security Is A Joke
  • 14:00 • The Road To Impeachment: FBI Director James Comey’s Birthday Present TO Hillary Clinton
  • 23:00 • Last Week In Entertainment: Steve Martin and Martin Short On Their Upcoming 50 City Tour; Drew Carey: Price Is Right A Calling
  • 42:00 • Last Week In Sex
  • 47:00 • Trumpy Old Men: George W. Bush (Will Ferrell); Newt Gingrich, Rudy Giuliani; Brian Babin; Mike Pence; Donald Trump; Von Jones; Jack Lemon; Walter Matthau; Michael Moore; Chelsea Handler; Mark Thompson (New York Times CEO and author of ‘Enough Said’);
  • 1:02:00 • All Eyes On Chicago: 2016 World Series; Chicago Cubs; Bill Murray; 2016 Mark Twain Prize; Barack Obama; Bill Hader; Emma Stone; David Letterman; Aziz Ansari; George Carlin
  • 1:29:00 • Pun Of The Week: James Corden!
  • 1:30:00 • Fail Of The Week: Conan O’Brien!
  • 1:32:00 • Joke Of The Week: Jimmy Kimmel!
  • 1:34:00 • Last Word: Dave Chappelle; Chelsea Handler; Michael Moore; Sacha Baron Cohen
  • 1:37:00 • Closing Billboard

S1E16 • The Best Of Late Night Comedy • Q1/2016 Comedy Showcase Featuring: Jimmy Carr, Jerry Seinfeld, Adam Cayton Holland, Leonard Ouzts, Nate Bargatze, Josh Gondelman, Marques Ray, Emily Galati, Dulce Sloan, Daniel Sloss, Michelle Wolf, Shane Torres, Carmen Lynch, Fahim Anwar, Brad Wenzel and Joe List

Best Of Q1/2016 Late Night Stand-up Comic Performances • Sixteen Comics • 45 Minutes

  • 0:00 • Opening Billboard
  • 1:00 • Mark Explains The Format Of Today’s Special Episode
  • 4:30 • Iconic First Time Late Night Performances: Bill Maher, David Letterman, Jerry Seinfeld, Rosanne, Drew Carey

Act One: Funny

Act Two: Funnier

Act Three: Funniest

The Gold Standard

  • 39:00 • Jimmy Carr
  • 42:30 • Q1/2016 Joke Of The Quarter Second Runner-Up: Jimmy Carr (Third Longest Laugh)
  • 42:45 • Q1/2016 Joke Of The Quarter First Runner-Up: Jimmy Carr (Second Longest Laugh)
  • 43:15 • Q1/2016 Joke Of The Quarter Winner: Jimmy Carr (Longest Laugh)
  • 44:00 • Closing Billboard